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National Award for the Nail Industry

Nail technicians in Australia come under the Hair and Beauty Award of 2010(MA000005). 

This award is to be updated on 1st November 2021

To view the award you can click on the link below.

By definition these are the hair and beauty industry means:
(a) performing and/or carrying out of shaving, haircutting, hairdressing, hair trimming, facial waxing, hair curling or waving, beard trimming, face or head massaging, shampooing, wig-making, hair working, hair dyeing, manicuring, eye-brow waxing or lash tinting, or any process or treatment of the hair, head or face carried on, using or engaged in a hairdressing salon and includes the sharpening or setting of razors in a hairdressing salon ;and/or

(b) performing and/or carrying out manicures, pedicures, nail enhancement and nail artistry techniques, waxing, eyebrow arching, lash brow tinting, make-up, analysis of skin, development of treatment plans, facial treatments including massage and other specialised treatments such as lymphatic drainage, high frequency body treatments, including full body massage and other specialised treatments using machinery and other cosmetic applications and techniques, body hair removal, including (but not limited to) waxing chemical methods, electrolysis and laser hair removal, aromatherapy and the application of aromatic plant oils for beauty treatments, using various types of electrical equipment for both body and facial treatments



Nail technicians come in under “Hair and Beauty Employee (Levels 1 through 6)

Quick check of pay/wages

Pay Guide Hair and Beauty (as of Jan 1st 2018)

All awards and work conditions.

https://www.commerce, - Wageline

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