Why  join PNTA?

The PNTA are very excited to be able to offer our New Zealand and Australian professional nail technicians the chance to join our newly formed association.  It has certainly been a long time coming. 

Many of us have realised that something was missing from our industry, and that is why President Mindy Richards selected a group of women from all over Australia and New Zealand to get together and discuss what could be done to fill that gap...


Helloooo, PNTA

We are all unique.  We all have diferent skill sets and talents.  We all have things we can give back to the industry.  If our industry thrives, so do we. 


Our aim is to be educated to the best of our abilities, paying particular attention to the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others whilst maintaining an ethical and professional clinic at all times.  When we help others, we are helping ourselves. 

We beleve there is power in numbers and appreciate your support.  There has already been such a positive response, and we think that's a reflection of how much the asociation is needed right now.  We want you on board and would love your input.  Please get in touch if you think you may have something to contribute. 


For a full list of benefits to members, join us on face book  @pntaaunz or email us at enquiries@pnta.com.au


Membership is annual and runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Access to Members Only area is for current financial members

Once your application is received and approved, you will be emailed an invoice. Once payment has been received by either Direct Deposit or PayPal, you will be given access to Members Only pages.


So - What's in it for you???

United We Stand

Join our mailing list and we'll keep you in the loop regarding special events, updates and promotional offers.

Ph: 0499 114 253

Email: enquiries@pnta.com.au

ABN: 87 862 289 523

Copyright - 2017 PNTA

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