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         We invite you to join our group in the hope that with our growth, information and standards will unite the nail industry to bring further success within our sector.

         The PNTA is a non profit organisation with a mission to create content that will educate inform, inspire and empower, ultimately raising high standards within the nail industry.  To create workable, ethical solutions for Australasian nail technicians with the outcome being an informed nail community.

        Why join?  Our aim is to bring current information to the forefront regarding health and safety within our industry.  So much has changed over the last decade, mostly for the better.  But with growth comes shortcuts, and shortcuts in our business lead to bad press, ill health and in some cases even death.  We can all work together to keep standards to a high level and enjoy the pride that comes with that.

         We envision a transparent, unbiased forum in which anyone can feel welcome, from students to veterans, we can all learn something from one another.    As  a nail community we can update clients, educators and distributors alike.  The PNTA hopes to provide a consistent place to come with any queries, complaints or new ideas.  We will share latest events, links to registered training facilities and career vacancies, along with celebrating any accolades our fellow technicians receive.  We wish to stomp out false claims and bring facts to the table, reporting only relevant news and information that leads to progress as well as handling industry complaints. 

         We have a diverse committee, all from varying backgrounds, but with one common goal - to keep standards high for the good of all.  We will support our members through information, advocacy and transparency within our committee, endeavouring to deliver a results-orientated association, working in harmony with the nail industry as a whole.

        We have much to celebrate, business is good, exciting times are ahead.


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